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Can we provide you with more information with regards Art Handling? Perhaps we can offer an estimate for a specific transport request?

Please contact us using the boxes to the right of the map. If you need an estimate, be sure to include sizes of the object, a brief description and their origin and destination.

If this is a purchase from an auction house, please include the sale date and lot number.

Thank you.

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Comprehensive Fine-Art Handling Solutions

Aiston Fine Art Services employs gallery quality technicians to ensure that your artwork is hung safely and professionally.

Correct hanging techniques take into account the nature of the work, its weight and the type of wall it will be hung on. Correct installation should take into account safety and security but ensure the biggest impact for your artwork.

Whether it is a prized family portrait for your living room, an artist retrospective at your gallery or commercial art in a public setting, let us help your art speak for itself.

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