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Can we provide you with more information with regards Art Handling? Perhaps we can offer an estimate for a specific transport request?

Please contact us using the boxes to the right of the map. If you need an estimate, be sure to include sizes of the object, a brief description and their origin and destination.

If this is a purchase from an auction house, please include the sale date and lot number.

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Comprehensive Fine-Art Handling Solutions

The object of packing and crating works of art is to isolate them from vibration and protect from scratching and crushing. This can be done in many ways, but the basic theory remains the same.

When choosing packing methods, consideration should be made as to the suitability of the material in relation to the object, the durability of the packaging and its inherent strength, as well as the mode of transport and length of journey. Consideration should also be given to the intelligent use of resources, not every shipment needs to be double-crated but in some cases crating is unavoidable.

It is also worthwhile considering how the shipment will be unpacked. A cloud of polystyrene chips blowing down Madison Avenue is guaranteed to annoy even the most seasoned New Yorker, similarly a flat head screwdriver, rather than a Phillips-type may be conspicuously absent when required.

Every art packer has their own opinion of the best way to go about their trade, however the basic premise is the same: ensuring the safe transit of articles that were never designed to be transported in the first place.

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