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Can we provide you with more information with regards Art Handling? Perhaps we can offer an estimate for a specific transport request?

Please contact us using the boxes to the right of the map. If you need an estimate, be sure to include sizes of the object, a brief description and their origin and destination.

If this is a purchase from an auction house, please include the sale date and lot number.

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Comprehensive Fine-Art Handling Solutions
Rules of Thumb
  • Constant temperature and humidity are important.
  • Drastic changes in either are as damaging as extremes.
  • Accurate inventory control is vital.
  • Beware: you may end up paying more for lengthy storage than the objects are worth.
  • Seafreight insurance premiums can be high, it makes sense to airfreight very valuable objects.

As our burgeoning lifestyles continue to dictate, the accumulation of "stuff", valuable and otherwise, continues at an alarming rate.

Much though self-storage spaces are opening up around every metropolitan area throughout the world, care should be taken in deciding where treasured possessions are stored, once their original homes become too cluttered or are sold.

Whereas personal effects and everyday furniture can be stored in a clean dry space, art and antiques need careful attention to climate and security. A steady temperature and relative humidity are important, wild fluctuations or extremes in either are to be avoided.

Climate Control

As important as correct climate control is accurate inventory control and the careful handling of objects. Storage space can take the form of private rooms, which are more expensive as you pay for the room regardless of whether it is full or not, but are very secure as there is little risk of your items getting mixed with others; or shared space in which you only pay for the segregated area you use. Rooms tend to be charged by the square foot, shared space by the cubic foot, or volume of your consignment. Well laid out rooms are preferable if you need to take things out on a regular basis, as handling is cut to a minimum.

It is worth paying a visit to whichever warehouse you are considering to ensure that conditions and staffing are to your liking. If trips to unattractive city industrial areas seem unappealing, AistonFAS only lease space in storage warehouses that meet the standards necessary for storage of art and antiques.

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